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since 2014
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In 2014, numerous freelance journalists in the Eifel join forces to create high-quality, regional journalism; beyond clickbait and mainstream. What starts as an e-mail newspaper eventually transforms into a regional web portal and the mouthpiece of a whole region.

Concept & brand development2014

EIFELON starts out as an e-mail newspaper. Each week journalists inform about the topics relevant to the region; independent and free of charge

lœwn initially develops the brand consisting of the logo and the claim unabhängig. überparteilich. unbezahlbar.

Behind the scenes, the Newsroom is developed hence serving as a a powerful content management and newsletter tool.

UI & UX development2016

Two years later EIFELON goes one step further henceforth publishing an online magazine. In addition to the weekly e-mail newspaper, all articles are now available online at any time.

We develop and design the extended website and are responsible for the technical implementation.

Creating the EIFELON ad editor2016

Regional journalism needs to be financed as well. While implementing monetization concepts, we face the challenge of many regional SMEs neither having experience nor expertise in the design of advertising materials.

In order to also enable these companies to advertise their businesses, we develop the EIFELON ad editor.

Based on browser technologies, anyone can independently design banner ads and book advertising slots on

In this way, we facilitate regional and thus target group relevant advertising and open up new customer groups.

Event calendar2017

To further strengthen the interconnectedness of the region, we develop an event calendar in 2017. From now on, readers can independently share events and activities happening in the Eifel.

To feature the event calendar and to introduce it to the target group, we develop a short teaser video for Vimeo and the social media.


From a purely journalistic platform, EIFELON can increasingly position itself as a regional magazine. It becomes the go-to address for the region.