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Research Fab Microelectronics

since 2018
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Research Fab Microelectronics GermanyFMD is the merger of Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and the Leibniz Institutes FBH & IHP. With a funding volume of € 350 million, it is the biggest economic promotion since German reunification.

Interactive web-app for trade fairs2018

On the occasion of Hannover Messe 2018, lœwn is developing an interactive web app with the aim of enabling the fair visitors to independently inform themselves about the structure and offers of the FMD.

The application is a standalone information system that can be operated without access to the internet. In the course of our cooperation, the web-app will be expanded several times and optimized for further usage scenarios.

Logo animation2018

In order to adapt the existing corporate design in a targeted manner for moving images, we develop a logo animation.

Animated circuit paths are increasingly filling the entire screen, fading and being replaced by new ones. The result is a complex labyrinth, which only clears with the appearance of the logo of the Research Fab Microelectronics.

The FMD breaks through the chaos and stands in front of straight white - it is the solution of an initially illustrated problem.

Unwrapping complexity2018

With the SEMICON West 2018 in San Francisco approaching, we develop and produce – as teaser and eye-catcher – an animated film, illustrating the activities of the FMD Germany.

The entire video positions the Research Fab as the central contact for the target group. An abstracted wiring diagram serves as a grid in which the contents are embedded.

The most basal visualization of all (micro-) electronics becomes a roadmap to discover the entire universe of FMD. The circuit paths are the common thread through the narration.


FMD launch installation2018

In September 2018, Research Fab Microelectronics presents itself to the public at FMD Innovation Day 2018 in Berlin.

In support of this event, we develop an interactive installation that functions as the core of the supporting program.

The installation consist of luminescent chip cards as well as a connected animation picking up shape and light of the cards.

Representatives of politics and science insert the cards into fitting slots and hence trigger the animation; the merger of the participants creates synergy and movement.

LiDAR icon design2018

In order to illustrate the FMD LiDAR technology, lœwn develops various icons and schematic representations that henceforth will be utilized in varying publications of the FMD.

The path of light2019

Presenting their LiDAR technology, Research Fab Microelectronics is present at LASER World of PHOTONICS in Munich. lœwn develops the animated film The path of light, which becomes the centerpiece of the FMD booth.

Design and concept based on Unwrapping complexity, the film has a modular structure and can thus be adapted for further fields of activity of Research Fab Microelectronics. It hence creates a stringent and coherent external perception.


It is a MEMS world2020

Corona pandemic is hard on the trade fair landscape. For the virtual trade fair Fraunhofer Solution Days 2020 lœwn plans and develops a short animation film to illustrate the cooperation between FMD member institutes and their partners showcasing a LiDAR System.

Following the established visual language, the film blends seamlessly into the narrative universe of FMD and further consolidates the public perception.