Design ist das Zeug
zur MachtPeter Sloterdijk

With great power comes
great responsibilitySpiderman's uncle

lœwn is a communication & consulting agency with clusters in Berlin, Vienna and the Eifel.

With our agile network of CodeNerds & PixelPedants, chess players & adventurers, visionaries & creators we offer holistic communication solutions in the segments of strategy, brand development and creation; the symbiosis of art and technology.

As a full service agency our portfolio contains the full range of contemporaneous and forward-looking corporate communications - from the initial positioning through the brand development to web creation, image film, campaign coordination and memetic multiplication.

The lœwn Kingsmanaging directors

fabian pranterm.a. // studied business communication, media management as well as leadership in digital communication in berlin,(fhtw, udk) ­weimar(bauhaus universität) and st. gallen.(hsg)

tobias pranterm.a. // studied communication in social and economic contexts as well as media studies in berlin.(udk, hu)

Pride of lœwnemployees & partners

tom arnold // audiovisual media designer

ulja jäger // cutter & producer

brigitte lerho // photographer

marcus mittmann // audiovisual media designer

gregor quade // 3d-expert, mapping-artist & drone operator

bernhard wolf // photographer & videographer

Big catsselected customers


Nowadays 'corporate social responsibility' is a big #trend. Nevertheless for many companies csr is limited to buying green electricity, drinking Fairtrade coffee and not printing out emails; or if they do, it's on recycled paper.

10% of our projects support people and organizations whose amazing work is not for profit. Hence: Often they can not afford professional communication consulting and creation. In order to assist these actors in their important work, our coordination and conception is pro bono.