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Tumble Panda

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In 2015 the Munich-based Android company ANDLABS publishes their jump & roll adventure Tumble Panda in the Playstore. From the first draft to the final release, lœwn consults the developers strategically and designs the UI and the UX of the game.


Inspired by the common style of manga and anime culture, the brand Tumble Panda is characterized by a playful and organic shape.

The playful orientation of the brand is enhanced by some subtle animations.

UI & UX development2015

In order to guarantee a vibrant and diverse game world, our graphic designers develop more than 500 different elements, which the ANDLABS programmers then combine to generate lively, unique levels.

The color palette that underlies the coloring of Tumble Panda is extracted directly from various photos of Chinese landscapes. For all abstraction, the game world is thus based essentially on the natural habitat of the panda.

From the first sketches to the finished UI, all elements of the game are illustrated in small-scale handwork. An effort that pays off.

Webdesign & -development2015

The website tumblepanda.com takes advantage of the graphic design elements well-established in the games design, thus guaranteeing a coherent brand perception across all channels. Parallax scrolling additionally lightens up the onepager.

Launch trailer2015

To communicate the launch of Tumble Panda in an effective way, we produce a short launch trailer for Youtube and the social media. After an brief intro, in-game scenes whet one's appetite to try out the game. Tumble Panda speaks for itself.